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I was looking for the data modeling category and couldn't find it. Just wanted to brainstorm a little bit.

I am modeling a data mart where the context is issuance of a charge document and it's payments.

The charge document can be paid fully or can be fractioned in several payments. I believe these events are distinct and they need to be modeled in different fact tables, #1 - charge document issuance and #2 - charges life cycle, even though every record of fact #2 relates to a single one from #1. This almost feels like #1 should be a dimension instead of a fact.

Each record of #1 has 1...many records relantionship in #2
Each record of #2 has 1-1 record relationship in #1

Does this seem familiar to you? The issuance of the charge document is a business event I have no doubt of that, it just feels strange to connect the 2 fact tables, since each one has a star schema around each one (i'm using dimensional modeling).

Leave your thoughts please.


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