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Creating a multi environment workspace

I am looking to set up a test and production environment in Azure. The resources I will be using are Data factory, logic apps, storage account, SQL server and database, and key vault.
I am currently looking at partitioning the environments by resource groups and using ARM templates to firstly create the prod env from the test, but am struggling to work out how best I can then keep integrating changes I make in the test env into the prod env.
I will have to initially alter the ARM template to create a parameter template and potentially use linked templates to remove any hard coding, but I don't want to have to keep doing these similar changes to the templates when I make changes and want to deploy the new templates to the prod env.

Any advice?

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Hello @JamesBoak-6014 - Have you considered using Bicep instead of ARM? It’s a lot easier to use and makes thing simpler, especially for the tasks that you’re trying to tackle.

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Hi @MikeUrnun
Yes I have read about using Bicep for it's simplicity in this case, I will look into using that instead then if you're recommending it too. Would it make rolling out changes made in test to prod simpler too?
Don't suppose you could also recommend the best way to role out changes to an SQL database, such as schema changes, alterations to stored procedures etc?

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