FSLogix Windows Search File FrxOutlook_xxxx.edb

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I am new to FSLogix and trying to understand how the Windows Search Indexing works for each user. I have FSLogix in production and under the users ODFC file WSearch>FrxOutlook>FrxOutlook_xxxxxxx.edb file is there. For many users this is on average 1GB-2GB but I have some users that are 5GB-10GB. The overall size of the ODFC .VHDX file for the user grows because not only does it have the .OST file but also the .EDB file. I am using the multi-user GPO search settings. I get that the Windows Search Index is no longer used on the actual Server OS, and each user has their uniquely saved on the ODFC .VHDX disk. As this grows in size Outlook performance also is slow or sometimes non responsive.

  1. How is this controlled?
  2. How can this use of the file be minimized?
  3. Are there any tools to shrink this?
  4. Why do the files get so large?

Has anyone ever had to remove the Search Index service, reinstall it and then redo the FSLogix install per the steps required?

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    We are still facing this same problem in 2024, has anything been done about this?

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