Unable to launch help file.

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I am running a fully-uddated version of Windows 11 Professional Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000, and when I try to view a ".chm" file in 'HTML Help Workshop' by clicking on the button with glasses image, or I click on the .chm file in Windows Explorer, an application runs and display the text:

"Make sure the web address //ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff.htm# is correct"

This is the same issue described at the link further below, although I don't know that it is due to the update mentioned.

Applying recent Windows updates appears to prevent HTML help files from displaying correctly when accessed remotely (UNC & network drive) RRS feed

I have looked at the solution for Windows 7 on this website proposed at the following link.

Cannot Open CHM Files

I wish to put am MFC applicaton on the Windows store. It was a lot of work creating it. It has an executable and six DLLs. I wanted to include help, but I obviousy won't make security changes to user's systems during the install of my program.

I'm not sure what to do.

I also see a similar request here from 2011.

Do I have to drop HTML Help, and if so, what is the alternative?

Help .chm files not opening

Note, the HTMP Help inside of HTML Workshop does work.

Any fix where I have to change user's systems innapropriate obviously isn't a solution I can use.

My app is in C++ and uses the MFC Framework. I did not use dotnet. I added dotnet tags because three tags are required, but not other tags were available.

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    Viorel-1 - Thank you. Yes, that works.

    I also copied a chm file into the same directory as the chm files I built, and it still works.

    That tells me something is wrong with the chm file I created.

    That helps. Thanks. I don't have to worry about installation!

    I still have to figure out what is wrong with my chm file. I'll do more reading to see if I can figure out what is missing or wrong.

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  2. technoway 241 Reputation points

    I am still unable to make a help file (.chm file) that I can click on. I'm not sure why.

    I'm not able to launch that file calling the four-argument HtmlHelp function and linking to htmlhelp.lib. I get a message box stating failure.

    In my MFC App, I see there is a CWinApp::HtmlHelp function that takes two arguments, however, The documentation states to call some functions to enable it, but not enough detail for how to use it.

    I would have liked to use HtmlHelp, but I'm starting to lean towards just launching the web browser with HTML files. I don't like that solution as much, because that will require installing many HTML files and image files.