how to extract data from hashbyte text after hash or encrypted on sql server 2017 ?

ahmed salah 3,216 Reputation points

I work on sql server 2017 i have field nvarchar(max) store values hashbytes

suppose i have text as username:sayed password:321
and i hash it by using hashbyte

so after hashing by using hashbyte
i need to extract data from it

meaning i need to get data of user as
username:sayed password:321
so how to extract data from field hashed by using hashbyte sql server 2017

How to get data password:321

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  1. Olaf Helper 43,166 Reputation points

    so after hashing by using hashbyte i need to extract data from it

    Hashbyte is use to compare data content, but you can not extract anything from a hash value.

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  2. Viorel 114.7K Reputation points

    Write loops that generate passwords, compute hashbytes and compare with the stored hashbytes. Wait for matches. One of the results will be “sayed, 321”.

  3. LiHong-MSFT 10,046 Reputation points

    Hi @ahmed salah
    I gonna say 'No', as far as i known, there is no such function to convert Hashbyte back to string.
    The purpose of computing a hash value is never to be able to re-construct the data, as it's utility as a security mechanism would drop to zero.

    By the way,if you have something like TableB with a column containing a hash of columns from TableA. You could join rows in TableB back to the related row in TableA. Like this:

    SELECT B.HashID, A.*  
    FROM TableA A JOIN TableB B ON B.HashID = HASHBYTES ('SHA2_512', A.Column );  

    Best regards,

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  4. LiHong-MSFT 10,046 Reputation points

    Hi @ahmed salah
    Check this sample:

    declare @encrypt varbinary(200)   
    select @encrypt = EncryptByPassPhrase('key', 'password:321' )  
    select @encrypt   
    select convert(varchar(100),DecryptByPassPhrase('key', @encrypt ))  

    Best regards,

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  5. Tom Phillips 17,721 Reputation points

    A "hash" is not reversible. You cannot get the original value back and you don't want too.

    In your case, you would hash the password in your app and store the hashed value in the database. Then you hash the user input and compare it to the stored hashed value. That way you never need to know the actual password.

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