Failure while creating HTTP Excel dataset

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Chain with a Copy activity with HTTP connector as source to copy SharePoint Online file content:

HTTP linked service:
Base URL: https://[site-url]/_api/web/GetFileByServerRelativeUrl('[relative-path-to-file]')/$value. Replace the site URL and relative path to file. Make sure to include the SharePoint site URL along with the Domain name, such as https://[sharepoint-domain-name][sharepoint-site]/_api/web/GetFileByServerRelativeUrl('/sites/[sharepoint-site]/[relative-path-to-file]')/$value.
Authentication type: Anonymous (to use the Bearer token configured in copy activity source later)
Dataset: choose the format you want. To copy file as-is, select "Binary" type.
Copy activity source:
Request method: GET
Additional header: use the following expression@{concat('Authorization: Bearer ', activity('<Web-activity-name>').output.access_token)}, which uses the Bearer token generated by the upstream Web activity as authorization header. Replace the Web activity name.
I have getting following error while creating Http Excel dataset by connecting to Http Link service.
"Schema import failed: The parameters and expression cannot be resolved for schema operations. Error Message: {\n \"message\": \"ErrorCode=InvalidTemplate, ErrorMessage=The expression 'concat('Authorization: Bearer ', activity('WebFilePOC').output.access_token)' cannot be evaluated because property 'output' cannot be selected..\"\n} Activity ID: 00b56677-eb72-476b-b508-10d49c9a1750"

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