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Purview Power BI incomplete lineage


I'm having a problem with lineage in Purview. There has been a few scans on our Power BI Service, even after manual and scheduled datasets refreshs, but the lineage is not showing the full path, as it is demonstrated in this link.

Does anyone had this issue?


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Power Bi is not currently supported here on Q&A. The product group for Power Bi actively monitors questions over at

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Hi @DSPatrick, my problem is with Purview getting (not getting) the lineage from Power BI. Isn't it supported here?

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Hello @garciargs,

Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

I agree that this issue looks strange and I wasn't able to reproduce this issue. If you have a support plan could you please file a support ticket for deeper investigation.

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Hello @garciargs,

Did you get a chance to open a support ticket?

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Hello @PRADEEPCHEEKATLA-MSFT , we don't have a support plan. As I testing the tool, and this is not urgent, I didn't asked for it yet. Will return here as soon as we find a solution.

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Hello @garciargs,

Are you able to resolve the above issue?

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