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How to rename the resource group provided by Azure Resource Mover

Hi folks,

I tried to move a "Virtual Network" resource from "West Europe" to "Germany West Central", but I get the error message "The provided resource group name
'ResourceMoverRG-West Europe-germanywestcentral-gwc' has these invalid characters: ' '. The name can only be a letter, digit, '-', '.', '(', ')' or '_'."

Sure...the problem is the whitespace in the "West Europe". But this name is provided by Azure Resource Mover and I can't find a way to change this name.
Any suggestions?

BR from Germany

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A bit painful but you could first move the resources to a new resource group that does not have any spaces in the resource group name. Then retry the Azure Resource Mover operation from the new resource group.

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Yeah.....good idea......but the problem is...."move from"......not "move to". The problem is, that the resource is located in "West Europe". And if you look at the error message above,
the whitespace is in the source name, not the target name. In target name all whitespaces are removed. "Germany West Central" is transformed to "germanywestcentral".

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Hi Axel,

Can you confirm the name of your current source resource group. Does this contain the whitespaces?

If so, I suggest to just use the portal to move the source resources to a new resource group (with no whitespaces) using this method:

Then you can use the Azure Resource Mover to perform your region move from the new source resource group without the whitespaces.


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No, I can't confirm. ;-) It's not about moving between resource groups, it's about moving between REGIONS!!!

I'd try to move a "Virtual Network" from region "West Europe" to region "Germany West Central". And Azure automatically generates a resource group called 'ResourceMoverRG-West Europe-germanywestcentral-gwc' which contains a whitespace !!! I can neither prevent nor change the name. Thats my problem.

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Hello @AxelStallknecht Sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused!

The issue seems to occur only when move across regions is triggered from the Virtual Network blade. We have identified the issue and the fix for this should get deployed in next few days.


For the time being, can you please add virtual networks to move from the Azure Resource Mover blade. (Move resources across Regions tab). This should work fine.


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Thanks for your support, this works.

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You are welcome! :)

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