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Integrating Exchange server with kafka application for security analysis

When any user from the internet is posting mail to our mail server, ( for example, suppose I own and I

am using to connect to our mailbox).

When mail has been posted to, I want to examine the mail before it reaches to end-user i.e.

Suppose I have an application called ContosoExaminerApp. Then my mail flow would be something like

Internet ---> ContosoExaminerApp(it can add some additional information or check for malicious mails) --> server/office 365)

As a part of conversation in below forum

It was mentioned that we might need to have our local mail server, but I have been asked to check in this forum for further help.

Could someone please help me, with below questions :-

  1. How can we integrate our kafka application to exchange server ?

  2. What will be the prerequisite for having such set up ?

  3. Also, can it further be integrated with office365 ?

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It was mentioned that we might need to have our local mail server

Where is your mailbox hosted? Is it a personal mailbox (Such as or or hosted on your personal mail server?

Yes, you could use some applications to filter emails for Exchange server. But if your mailbox doesn't host on Exchange server, your application will not be able to filter emails for your mailbox.

For Exchange on-premises, you just need to create a dedicated connector to send and receive emails from your application.

For Exchange online (Office 365), here is an article about it.

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We are using office 365 cloud that hosts all our mailboxes. As per spam filtering third party providers, they are asking to change the MX records to point their cloud. In this case, how can we build a solution using MX records based on mail filtering. 

It looks like, we need to write a service that would be receiving all the emails, and forwarding it to outlook 365. My question is, how can we implement such service ?

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If so, you could follow the Scenario 1 in above article.

You need to point MX record to the third-party providers.

Then create connector on the third-party tool to send emails to your Exchange online. (About this one, you could confirm with your third party provider) Exchange online could receive email from the Internet by default.

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