Image default size in Instance Segmentation training

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I am using AutoML instance segmentation training.

There is maskrcnn settings in tutorial.

parameter_space = {
"model_name": choice("maskrcnn_resnet50_fpn"),
"learning_rate": uniform(0.0001, 0.001),
#'warmup_cosine_lr_warmup_epochs': choice(0, 3),
"optimizer": choice("sgd", "adam", "adamw"),
"min_size": choice(600, 800),

tuning_settings = {
"iterations": 10,
"max_concurrent_iterations": 2,
"hyperparameter_sampling": RandomParameterSampling(parameter_space),
"early_termination_policy": BanditPolicy(
evaluation_interval=2, slack_factor=0.2, delay_evaluation=6

I just want to know if I had 1080p image dataset.
Then, what's the default size for resize input or just use 1080p size training ?


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    @Hank Cheng Han/WHQ/Wistron Thanks, By default, YoloV5 resizes images to 640x640 (img_size x img_size); FasterRCNN and MaskRCNN resize so that both the width and height are at least 600 (min_size) and at most 1333 (max_size).