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Cross-forest Exchange migration in O365 hybrid environment


Current environment:
Domain (forest) A
Domain (forest) B

Domain A:
Exchange 2016
AD connect
Hybrid to O365 one tenant
1600 mailboxes onprem(Exchange 2016)
1000 mailboxes O365 tenant

Domain B:
Exchange 2019- 0 mailboxes

We need to plan cross-forest migration to Domain B in this hybrid environment
because Domain A need to be decommissioned.
The same SMTP domain will be kept in the destination environment.
This is tutorial for exchange cross-forest but I need "how to" for cross-forest in O365 hybrid environment
Any advice,hint,tutorial,how to,documentation... for Exchange O365 hybrid cross-forest migration?
Thank you

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Hi @fsdg-2871

To my knowledge I suppose you may either consider migrating all on-premises mailboxes to Online and re-configure hybrid with Forest B,
or migrating all online mailboxes back to on-premises then do a cross-forest migration then re-configure hybrid in Forest B.

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Hi @fsdg-2871

I am writing here to confirm with you how thing going now?
Is there any update on this issue?

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