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Excel External Data Connection Permission

Hi Experts and Engineers,

I am meeting an issue regarding Excel API connection as Data sources. I am successfully getting data from the web via OData. The permission method is basic authorization, which means a username and password are required.

However, when I shared this file with my non-IT coworkers, the excel required them to enter usernames and passwords. However, this username and password are confidential and cannot be shared.

After testing other APIs, I realized that excel will store the permissions locally. I had an idea that we can get these permission local files so that we can put the files on my coworkers' PC. If so, they would not have to enter usernames and passwords again and the info also won't be exposed.

Does anyone have an idea where the permission files are or a better solution for sharing API data without entering usernames and passwords? Appreciate you!


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Since your question is related to scripts, I am in charge of Office General. It is recommended that you go to Microsoft365 Developer Platformto ask questions. Thanks for your understanding.

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Hi Ceasar,

Thank you for replying. I go to 365 developer platform to ask. Thanks.


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