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Xamarin.Android binding project issue after update to VS2022


we have a Xamarin app with a Xamarin Binding project that references some aar and jar files. Everything works fine as long as we compile the Xamarin Binding project with VS 2019, which uses Xamarin.Android version 12.0.0. We can't build the same project with VS 2022, which uses a newer Xamarin.Android version 12.3.0. It seems to me that the C# generator or parser has changed and for some reason a nested Java class is no longer exported (not present in \obj\Debug\api.xml) and a static method that references this type is also missing. Does anyone have any tips on how to proceed? Thanks

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Usually, some reference type can't be found or missing in the binding project, due to referenced type having been obfuscated or a referenced type was private in the Java library, in which case transformations can make it public (or unobfuscated). You can refer to this thread:

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