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Is there any way to get delta of child group members in a group using Microsoft Graph delta APIs?

I'm using Groups delta API provided by Microsoft Graph API to track changes in the members of my group as follows:$select=id, mail, members&$filter=id eq '{my-group-id}'

I have been successfully able to track users' addition/deletion in my groups but recently I've come across a scenario where another group (let's call it G2) containing multiple users is a member of my main parent group (let's call it G1). Now, I've observed that the delta API won't return any change for any membership changes in G2. I was expecting that the delta API would at least return the ID of G2 to indicate that its members are changed and it needs to be re-synced.

I have also looked at transitiveMembers but it seems like this property is not supported by the delta API. Is there any way to achieve what I'm trying to do?

Thanks for any possible hints.

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Hi @UmairAhmed-8282 Don't you currently know the id of G2?

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Yeah, when I fetch the delta of G1 for the first time, I get G2 as its member in the delta so I can have its ID.

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Do you have many member groups in your parent group?

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