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Webhook alerts being sent as application/json; charset=utf-8

Is there a way to have them sent without the charset=utf-8? It seems our webhook reciever does not like this.

I see where this can be an issue. We currently are using the CommonAlertSchema in AzureMonitor

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@CaulkMarkA-4668 - Welcome to Microsoft Q&A and thanks for reaching out to us.

I tried reproducing the issue and found that there is no option to send it without the charset = utf-8.

But I would want you to troubleshoot further and in order for us to troubleshoot further, we would like to put you in touch with a support engineer so you can receive 1:1 support for a deeper investigation on this.

We would need you to send us an email at by providing below details.
Subject: ATTN:Monika
1) Subscription ID
2) A link to this thread.
Please email us these details and we will work with you closely to get this issue taken care of and also post any findings here in the thread so the community can benefit from it.
Thanks in advance. Looking forward for your email.

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