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Cannot parse the data from CSV file if there is an enter key pressed between two words in same cell

I am trying to parse the csv file using the following code
string[] EachColumnData = null;
EachColumnData = line.Replace("\",\"", "|").Replace(",,", "||").Replace("\"", "").Split('|');

But it doesnot work,if there is an enter key pressed in between two words of a column value, it would be splitted as new row . I have attached my sample csv format herewith. How can I fix my code to accept the data as a single record even if there is space or enter inside a column value.

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If you want help, add a text file which can reproduce this issue. Have at least two problem lines and at least two good lines. Using a image is good for visuals but not to recommend a solution.

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I have attached Text file also ,
[1]: /answers/storage/attachments/202043-samplecsvtestfile.txt

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After reviewing the lines I would say the "z followed by a return is a one-off and not worth fixing in code. Instead read each line without splitting, check that the first character is 0-9 and if not flag it for manual processing.

Also it appears you made an effort to fix other issues (at least I see it that way), seems that you need to set the format and whomever is providing the file needs to adhere to the format or be rejected.

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