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display Driver crahes. intense troubleshooting alr done, advanced troubleshooting needed

So, where to start.


Yeah. I made the nuclear mistake of purchasing an AMD card assuming to go for performance over stability and oh boy.

Launching a game soon crashes it, along with the rest of my pc, causing my dual monitors to go black and audio to still play. Sometimes audio would repeat, and other times it would go out after a few seconds.

I've ruled out some things (I'm guessing)

First: Temps dont exceed 70c

Second: Benchmarks complete successfully

Third: None of the drivers are working

So, basically, the steps to reproduce are to go into the pc, have the drivers loaded, and launch a game.

Sometimes itll trick you into thinking everything is fine right until you go into a competitive game that punishes you for disconnecting tho, isnt that hilarious?

What I've tried:


Reinstalling drivers

updating all drivers

updating windows

flashing bios

defaulting bios

changing TDR registries

about 2 dozen other radeon drivers

DDU/no internet/defender disabled/install/restart

reseating my gpu

changing the pcie cable on my gpu

about 200+ fixes online

sfc /scannow

A complete Wipe of my SSD with a fresh installation of windows

asking amd customer support

Clean Boot

correct XMP profile on my RAM

using 1 monitor

ive been to hell and back and its still not working. SPECs are:

Ryzen 5 3600X 6 core

B450M pro4 ATX motherboard

1TB SSD m.2

2x8GB 3600mhz RAM and 2x8GB 3000mhz RAM (32GB)

RX 580 Armor OC GPU

1000WATT 80+ Gold PSU

my system information is:


and my event viewer error is

Soon, i will get a full .zip of the radeon crash incase someone ends up reading gibberish

nvm, found it. heres all my crash logs:

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Hi JacobFox-3038,

You've tried all possible troubleshooting and compatibility of AMD card with Windows and your system hardware.

Since none of them worked and it's affecting other hardware like Displays/Monitor. It's issue with AMD Card Hardware please connect with AMD support team and get your card replaced with the right one and avoid it's usage to prevent your system hardware getting affected because of it.

I hope this answer your issue, Accept the Answer if you got solution for your issue.

I will recommend to unplug the card from your system and get all your windows, display, audio and others drivers updated which you may have removed restored or downgraded to troubleshoot your issue.

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