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DTMF not sent when in Teams Conference

Hello Teams Community,

i have a colleague who is having this problem.

They can call out to PSTN when in conference. After the call is completed sometimes we are required to dial digits for Auto Attendants (dial remote extensions or menu options).

If someone picks up on the other end instead of automated systems it works ok.

We use the dial pad to select the Auto Attendant option/extension we hear the dial tone but it is not sent to the other end,

It only happens when we are in a conference. If we call an external number directly we are able to use DTMF and AA options/extensions.

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Hi @IniobongNkanga-8038,

Is this a suddenly occurred issue? I mean, DTMF had worked in the Teams meetings for the user before?
If this is the case, do you have any idea if any changes have been made in your environment recently?

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Thank you for your reply.

It`s a PSTN dial out and everything works fine unless that is a conference or you have another user previously on call.

The issue dialing that second call is that DTMF is not sent if we need to interact with a voice system after PSTN call is complete.


in a call with an internal user and need to add/consult someone on a PSTN number

If the person consulted picks up it works ok, if this number I dialed goes to an auto attendant and I need to use dial pad to select an option or extension it doesn`t send the digits I have to dial.

Note that if I call a PSTN number I am able to dial the options/extensions on voice interactive systems. The issue only happens if I am previously on a call/conference.

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Hi @IniobongNkanga-8038,

As mentioned earlier, may I know if it has been worked before? I tried searching further about the issue you described and found the following link which discussed a similar issue. According to the information shared there, seems like DTMF Tones just doesn't work in a 3-way or group call:
DTMF Tones do not work when in a call
(Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.)

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