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Exchange Server 2019 does not truncate logs V2


I've already asked the question on log truncation here and found the similar question here.

Although the answer was "Enable than disable circullar logging" it sounds more like a workaround rather than odinary way for log truncation.

Now after ~2.5years I see exactly the same problem in Exchange 2019 CU12 - can anyone tell me why can this happen in different versions of Exchange Server? Waiting for log truncation after full backup for ~2-3 days or manually truncating the logs seems a bit (mildly speaking) weird for Exchange Server (especially for the Enterprise edition).

The event stating the log truncation was requested:


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Hi @MikhailFirsov-1277 ,

Can you find some event ID 224 or 225 generated with the event ID 2046?

And do you have a DAG deployment?

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Hi AholicLiang-MSFT,

1) No

2) Yes

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As far as I understand the key point in this problem is that the " log generation" is NOT created:

According to the timing on the screenshot above the new log generation had to be created after ~11:56:39 AM (backup was started at 11:31 AM), but Exchange continued using the old log generation - am I getting it right?


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