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Configure a DMZ for a VPN on windows 10

Hi, i have a MediaAccess DGA4131FWB that allows me create a DMZ.
My router doesn't supports VPN.

What i'm trying to do is to get access to my hardisk connected to my pc (let's call it PcServer), from the WAN (yes i know that exists OneDrive, or WesternDigitals that do the same thing)
My idea is to connect my PcServer to my router, configure a DMZ and with OpenVPN connect to my PcServer and "extend" my network allover the world.
The resoult should be a folder on the desktop of one of my computers (not my PcServer) that once logged in OpenVPN grants me the access to my hardisk.
I don't know how to configure the DMZ
look at the picture. i want to access files from pc3 to PcServer.

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