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Connection not established


I have a problem with internet connection on my Windows 10 computer. On Ethernet icon right bottom I have

message "Connection not established no available connections" but Internet working,

The computer is on the domain and network settings are entered. The problem is with Microsoft Office 365,

installed applications work except Microsoft Outlook 365. The message is

"Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to the server" I can use Microsoft Outlook via browser but this is not solution

I'll try many things

  • Run Network Troubleshooter

  • Unistall Network Adapter Driver

  • Flush DNS and Renew/Reset IP

  • Reset Network

  • Delete ethernet card

but all without success


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Hi @GordanaBulic-5126

Did this issue occur when connecting to exchange online?
If you are not using the latest Outlook version, I would recommend upgrading first and see if it can help with this issue.

It is suggested that you may try re-creating a new Outlook profile to connect to exchange and see if it works.

If it is not working , I suppose the cause may be that there is something wrong with autodiscover .

You may use the Test-Email AutoConfiguration feature of Outlook to check autodiscover process .
About the detailed steps of “Test-Email AutoConfiguration” , please refer to the following link :
Please post the results under the "Log" tag without the Use Guessmart check box and the Secure Guessmart Authenticaton check box. .(Don't forget to hide your personal information .)

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Just checking in to see how things are going on with this thread .
If you still have further questions or concerns, feel free to post back.

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