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Filtering calendars by owner/address gives internal server error


we are using shared calendars for room booking.

Before performing certain actions on our part, we need to check calendar permissions. While using{calendar-id}/calendarPermissions would be best, unfortunately we don't use calendar_id, but calendar_email.

So now we are trying to check for specific calendar_email if it has write permissions, e.g. canEdit property using$filter=owner/address eq '{calendar_email}', but this gives Internal error.

"error": {
"code": "ErrorInternalServerError",
"message": "An internal server error occurred. The operation failed.",
"innerError": {
"date": "2022-05-17T09:58:49",
"request-id": "01886c1e-a8fc-4d10-b0d7-26e579a23d1e",
"client-request-id": "812d3cd4-ef56-f262-19b0-d08e9eacffbd"

Is it possible to check permissions on only specified calendar_email or must we fetch all calendars and iterate to find correct one. Mind you some of our customers have 1000+ calendars.

One sub question regarding places endpoint. To access calendar of a room returned from we must use{user-id}/calendars where {user-id} is room emailAddress?

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