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is "google meet" accessible via Intune managed play store

is "google meet" accessible via Intune managed play store..unable to add account as "action not allowed" msg gets prompting.

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@Mebin-0621 Thanks for posting in our Q&A.

To avoid any misunderstanding about this issue, we appreciate your help to clarify what operation leads this message "action not allowed" prompting? If possible, please describe more details and show some screen shots.

If there is anything update, feel free to let us know.

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@LuDaiMSFT-0289 We have deployed "google meet" in Intune Managed play store. But, after installation if we try to 'add account' there is a notification with "action not allowed". 203821-screenshot-2022-05-19-20-37-18-466-comandroidsetti.jpg203786-screenshot-2022-05-19-20-37-48-886-comandroidsetti.jpgScreenshot of clicking on "Learn More" has been also attached.

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@Mebin-0621 Thanks for your update.

Honestly, I didn't find the "google meet" app in Intune managed google play store, so I couldn't try to repeat this situation in my lab. Please understand that this error message is not enough to analyze and find the root cause, we may need more background information based on your specific environment to analyze the whole process. With Q&A limitation, it is better to create an online support ticket to handle this issue more effectively. Here is the online support link:

Thanks for your understanding and hope everything goes well with you.

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