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Azure Container Instance and storage for PostgreSQL

Hello there,

Is it possible to start PostgreSQL server on Azure Container Instance (ACI) where database will be storing in Azure Files?

In my experience, Azure Files isn't good choice for databases, because it mostly does not work at all. Finally, I launched sqlite3 database (after some troubleshooting), but PSQL deployment stuck with failure. This is not only my problem ( E.g.: )

Is someone who already has some experience in this case?

Best Regards,
Adam Erot

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Hi, I can't help you with any previous experience of my own on running PostgreSQL on ACI. I have previously considered it but chose to use Azure's Database for PostgreSQL PaaS service instead. Mainly because I did not like the idea of running a database over an SMB fileshare. Especially so when considering the database will need consistent backup and restore capabilities. The PaaS DB offering just takes a lot of the burden of solving those issues away with platform features that are easy to use, audit and control.

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@RoderickBant74 - Thank you for sharing :)

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