MS Teams bot: Is serviceUrl Bot specific or team/channel/user specific?

Sumant Pangotra 6 Reputation points

I am building a MS teams bot to send proactive notifications to channels in a team or maybe multiple teams. I have an understanding that serviceUrl required to send messages to channel needs to captured beforehand.

I wanted to know if the serviceURL needs to be captured per team/channel/user (user for 1:1 conversation.) or is it bot specific and once captured can be used for any team/channel/user ?

Also in my case my bot may never receive any chat event to capture serviceUrl as it will be one way notification system.

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  1. Steven Kanberg 16 Reputation points

    The serviceUrl is channel specific, not user, bot, or team. So, for example, Direct Line would be ""; Slack would be ""; and, so on. You can reference a small bit of information here.

    As for sending proactive messages, I would recommend you read over the BotFramework docs on the topic, the Teams docs, as well as review the samples available in the BotBuilder-Samples repo under Advance bots (#16).

  2. Jonathan Cardy 0 Reputation points

    Even when the bot is a one-way notification bot, you still receive notifications such as installation, user added, etc. This is the opportunity to save the serviceUrl.

    It still isn't clear to me whether a serviceUrl should be saved per-user e.g. when sending user direct chat messages (since a team/channel is not involved).

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