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Revert Retarget Solution Visual Studio

I accidentally retargeted some of vcxproj. And some are as before as it is. Now there is showing an error of "error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __CxxFrameHandler4". How to revert those retargets?

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What's type of your solution? Can you explain accidentally retargeted some of vcxproj?

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@NicoZhu-MSFT Thanks for your response. My project was built in 2017 VS and, after starting using 2022 VS, there was some build tools mismatch. As a solution I started retarget solution, but in the midway I cancelled retarget operation. So, some of vcxproj, at platform toolset there is no upgrade option. and rest of others are as it was. I want revert those retargeted vcxproj and get back to where it was. Is it possible?

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Is it UWP project ?

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