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Failed to give a name to a virtual speaker

I'm developing a virtual audio device (AUD) driver.
I'm investigating a sample program: simpleaudiosample.
The sample give a name to the virtual mic, but not to the virtual speaker.
I’ve been trying to give a name to the virtual speaker by reference to the virtual mic, but not going well yet.

In case of the virtual mic,

1) Add the name to the registry (SimpleAudioSample.inx)

 HKR,%MEDIA_CATEGORIES%\%MicArray1CustomNameGUID%,Name,,%MicArray1CustomName%  <-- need to add this (lacking in sample)

 MEDIA_CATEGORIES = "MediaCategories"
 MicArray1CustomNameGUID = {6ae81ff4-203e-4fe1-88aa-f2d57775cd4a}
 MicArray1CustomName= "Internal Microphone Array - Front"

2) Set MicArray1TopoMiniportPins[0].KsPinDescriptor.Name to the custom name GUID.

 // {6ae81ff4-203e-4fe1-88aa-f2d57775cd4a}
     0x6ae81ff4, 0x203e, 0x4fe1, 0x88, 0xaa, 0xf2, 0xd5, 0x77, 0x75, 0xcd, 0x4a);
 PCPIN_DESCRIPTOR MicArray1TopoMiniportPins[] =
       0,                                              // InstanceCount
       NULL,                                           // AutomationTable
       {                                               // KsPinDescriptor
         0,                                            // InterfacesCount
         NULL,                                         // Interfaces
         0,                                            // MediumsCount
         NULL,                                         // Mediums
         SIZEOF_ARRAY(MicArray1TopoPinDataRangePointersBridge),     // DataRangesCount
         MicArray1TopoPinDataRangePointersBridge,                   // DataRanges
         KSPIN_DATAFLOW_IN,                            // DataFlow
         KSPIN_COMMUNICATION_NONE,                     // Communication
         &KSNODETYPE_MICROPHONE_ARRAY,                 // Category
         &MICARRAY1_CUSTOM_NAME,                       // Name  <-- this
         0                                             // Reserved
     { ... }

In the same manner, I added the name to the registry and set SpeakerWaveMiniportPins[1].KsPinDescriptor.Name to the custom name GUID, but the name was ignored.
Setting SpeakerWaveMiniportPins[0].KsPinDescriptor.Name produced the same result.

I investigated the difference between mic and speaker and emulated the codes for mic, but it was all in vain.

I struggled for a few days, but the issue has not been resolved.
Please help.

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