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The password is incorrect please try again Edge Browser

Hi All,

I have one user out of hundred working in Windows environment who is intermittently receiving error message 'The password is incorrect'' Please try again'. The user only gets this error message when using Microsoft Edge. When the user opens Edge Browser in Private session the login is successful. The user is using the latest version of Edge on Windows 10 version 100.0.1150.55 (64 bit)
release date 2022-04-11 on a Windows 10 enterprise client version 1909 OS build 18363.2158.

I have tried disabling 'Preload pages for faster browsing and searching' and clear browsing data on close for 'passwords'
and 'other site data'. The problem persists. Any assistance would be great. User is working in Azure B2B environment.

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Hi @DavidWrafter-8948

As you say it works in Private session, I think it may be related with browser data or extensions.

You can try to disable all Edge extensions and try to clear all Edge data like the following (please back up the information you need before clear browser data). You can tell us if it works after you try:


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