Restoring Backup from Block Blob

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Hello, we're using SQL 2017 Enterprise on a 3 nodes AG cluster and successfully backing up our databases to our Azure storage blob using a SAS token. We're uploading as a block blob as expected and can restore that DB to a single server in the AG successfully.

What we're having issues with is restoring the DB simultaneously across all three nodes in the event we need to restore the DB from a backup and have it in sync across 3 nodes. When we run the restore from URL command, first on Node 1, then a few seconds later on Node 2, then again on Node 3; Node 1 continues to restore as expected, but Node 2 and 3 hang and eventually comes back with the error that the file is in use. This is strange because I can do an AZCopy down from the blob to local storage simultaneously across all 3 nodes.

Is this expected behavior? Is there a better way to restore from block blob simultaneously?

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    @kevin eckart
    Restore always takes a lease on the blob to avoid another operation changing the blob underneath while the restore is happening and to avoid restoring a blob from a backup that is not complete.

    Unfortunately this is by design and is not likely to be changed.


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