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Unable to use the token in the request against the Partner Center API

Hello everyone, please could you help me?

I am trying to use the token provided from Partner Center but it keeps showing the error "Unauthorized: Invalid Authorization header". I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Thank you so much,



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Hello @DiogoAlmeida-6393

Thank you for your post

I wondering if you can tell how you got the API detail and how you were using it.

The error might be for missing or lack of authorization under your profile or time mistmatch.

Looking forward to your feedback,


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Hello Ricardo,

I was able to retrieve the token by following the step below.

And now I need to use this token to retrieve the data as It was showed on this video

but unfortunately It keeps showing the same error,

With best regards,


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Let me check the video and get back to you

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