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Use Access to report different conditions of a record across multiple sources

My organization is limited by permissions within our reporting system. The most basic explanation; document # exists on a report that I want to use as my source. I have 20 other reports that will display different error conditions and contain specific data only available on that particular report.
I have little to no experience with Access so please forgive my ignorance.
I would like to take the Doc# from the source report and have access, find matches across the other tables, then return specific fields associated with the match onto a summary type report/view.
Would someone be willing and able to teach me how to fish? I appreciate your time.

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Hi @ZachSelvig-9456
Welcome to Q&A forum, as tag "office-excel-itpro" focuses more on general issues of Excel desktop client, but your issue is related to Access, I would remove it.
Thanks for your understandings.

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