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Order placed using Edge+IE Mode or IE11 was submitted twice

Order placed using Edge+IE Mode or IE11 was submitted twice

Error Description
Clicked [Submit] button on ASP.NET(WebForm) page, data was registered twice to DB.
1. Problem only happens when using Edge+IE Mode or IE11 on client PC. No problem with Chrome or Edge.
2. If user clicks [Submit] button 5-6 minutes after inputting data, this problem will surely(100%) happen.(NG)
If user clicks [Submit] button within 1 minute after inputting data, only one record is registed.(OK)

ASP.NET 4.7.2
Client PC: Windows 10 Enterprise 10.0.19044 N/A ビルド 19044 + IE 11.0.19041.1566

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Below is application structure and error image of this question.


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Hi @JiangLin1-6587

Is there any error in IE when the issue occurs?
With only the description, we can't locate the issue. Could you please provide a minimal code snippet which can run and reproduce the issue? So that we can have a test and see how to help. Thanks for your understanding.

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