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After analyzing a document, are there any plans to retain the recognized tables when a document is added to the dataset?

We are using custom models and labeling documents using single field and table tags.
When using the "Analyze" functionality in the FOTT 2.1, it's able to recognize all the fields and tables based on the custom model.
However, whenever I want to add the analyzed documents to the project/training dataset, the labeled tables are not being retained, only the single fields.
Are there any plans to retain the recognized tables when a document is added to the dataset?
This has been our biggest bottleneck and it would be extremely helpful if the recognized tables are retained to save us costs, time and effort considering we need to label couple of tables for each document.
Looking forward to your response.

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@Francis-5653 Thanks for the question. Please use the new Form Recognizer v3.0 Studio . The v3.0 Studio Supports training models with any v2.1 labeled data. Please refer to the migration guide.

In V3.0 Tables are currently only supported for custom template models. When training a custom neural model, labeled tables are ignored.

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Thanks for the response @ramr-msft .
Does it mean, when you analyze a document using form recognizer v3 and add it to the training dataset, it will retain all the recognized fields/tables?
If yes, that would be good. However, migration would take some time given we have a number of projects and there are breaking changes.
I also noticed that form recognizer v3 studio's table tagging is not working all the time compared to the FOTT 2.1 which is a showstopper.

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