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MDM Intune Android phones unable to access via Edge

Our Intune managed Android phones are unable to access via Edge since the end of last week (see photo below). We've not made any changes to our Intune app policies and MS Intune Support told me to contact Edge support, but they haven't been able to help us either. Anyone got any ideas? Perhaps it relates to SSO? It only happens in Edge, on Intune managed phones, and when trying to access OWA. Thanks

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Hi @Matt-3250 ,

To better understand your question, we would like to confirm the following:

  1. What is the version of Edge where the problem occurs?

  2. Does this issue only occur on mobile devices?

  3. Did you try clearing your browser cache?

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  1. Latest version from the Google Play store (101.0.1210.53)

  2. Only Intune managed mobiles

  3. Yes, cache cleared. Happening on factory reset Intune mobiles too.


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Actually, it's not just be any site (e.g.

Edge gets stuck on "Confirming App Status" then disables the misconfiguration error above.

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