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BizTalk orchestration acitve instances are increasing and those instances are not completing

Hi, We have three BizTalk App servers and one DB server. All of sudden for few applications BizTalk orchestration instances are increasing and it is in active state in one of the three App server.

After i stopping that orchestration related host instance in that server then active instances are normal.

I appreciate any help.

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So what changed? Unfortunately you haven't given us enough information to work out what is wrong. You will need to do some more investigation to see why they remain in an active state, and at which point of the Orchestration that this is happening.

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Hi There,

Thank you for asking this question on the Microsoft Q&A Platform.

There could be multiple reason for this behavior, it depends on how your Orch are designed, is there any unexpected load or any connectivity issue between App servers and DB server or is there any change deployed on sever start causing this issue.

If you could provide more information so we can help you to identify the issue. But I would suggest check the above points also check if any error logged in event viewer during the time issue started.

Kamlesh Kumar
BizTalk Techie

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Check your event viewer to see if there are any underlying issues with your input/output transports. Check the BizTalk Admin Console make sure everything is running; send ports, receive locations, orchestrations, server instances, etc.

Check to see if your instances are suspended and try resuming them.

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