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macOS ListView VisualStateManager

This doesn't work in a macOS app, how can I change the background color of a selected item in a ListView in macOS cocoa?

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Hi @Angelru-4290 , Visual State Manager is in Xamarin.Forms. If you create a macOS cocoa app, it may be the tableview or the Collection Views in Xamarin.Mac. We need to customize the cell. It's easier to help you if you share more information and some code snippets with me.

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Add macOS cocoa app to Xamarin Forms and use Xamarin Forms ListView.

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I'm not clear how did you add macOS cocoa app to Xamarin Forms. But I have to say, Xamarin.Forms utilizes platform renderers to convert the cross-platform UI elements into native controls on Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS and UWP. And Xamarin.Mac exposes the complete macOS SDK for .NET developers to build native Mac applications using C#.

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