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"Error while loading extension HubsExtension" error with page crash while clicking "Resource Group" using testcafe on Azuer portal

I am trying to automate Creating Resource Group using testcafe on Azure Portal and see the following error which crashes the page. THis issue is seen with all the browsers. I would really appreciate any help.


[fx] 5:25:26 PM ShellWorkerImpl/Core/ExtensionManager 0 ExtensionManager: _errorData: undefined
_sourceErrorLevel: undefined
baseTypes: ["MsPortalFx.Errors.Error"]
code: undefined
data: {"extVersion":"9.401.1.19.401.0.16568301.220519-0046","timeThisExtensionFailed":396.60000002384186,"extensionTelemetry":[{"messageReceivedTimes":{},"uriUsed":"","loadRequestedTime":375.39999997615814}],"error":{"type":"ErrorLogged","error":{"message":"Error loading initial scripts.","error":{"message":"Failed to execute 'importScripts' on 'WorkerGlobalScope': The script at '!s/' failed to load.","name":"NetworkError","stack":"Error: Failed to execute 'importScripts' on 'WorkerGlobalScope': The script at '!s/' failed to load.\n at importScripts (\n at blob:\n at c (blob:\n at Object.a [as webWorkerInitialize] (blob:\n at blob:"}},"timestamp":856.2000000476837}}
errorData: undefined
errorLevel: 2
extension: fx
handled: undefined
innerErrors: []
message: Error while loading extension HubsExtension: ErrorLogged
name: Error
source: undefined
stack: Error: Error while loading extension HubsExtension: ErrorLogged
at new t (*TSh1OvOfq!s!utf-8/
at Object.Q.nextTick.v.requirejs.t.createError (*TSh1OvOfq!s!utf-8/
at s (*TSh1OvOfq!s!utf-8/
at Object.errorHandler (*TSh1OvOfq!s!utf-8/
at y (*TSh1OvOfq!s!utf-8/
timestamp: 396.7999999523163
type: MsPortalFx.Errors.Error

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