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Bitlocker blocked my external HD

Hello, last week my external HD suffered from a unexpected encryption. I was using it in University and after that at home, transfering files from my Notebook to my HD and then from my HD to my Desktop. After finishing all the transfers, i put the HD back in the Notebook and this happened:


I tried to open and uncryptograph it in every computer i had available ´til today and i couldn´t open it. The funny part is that i didn´t know about BitLocker until the HD died in front of my eyes and i have never used it before.
I also tried Secure Boot to see what would apear and it still showed the same error

My last attempt to reach my files inside my HD was executing this line in CMD running as an ADMIN
chkdsk E: /f /r

I study cinema so some of the files that we get from cameras is in RAW format, but i don´t think this is the problem cause i transfered RAW files before and nothing happened.

I need those files for my final project for this semester and i´m desperate to solve this problem.
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