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Visual Studio Change Property Pages Option

I am making a C# WPF app using visual studio2022.
In my program, only the left property window appears, but I want the right property window to appear.
It seems that my current screen is up-to-date, but I want to use the ftp publish function using the properties window on the right.
This is because when you enter the publish menu, the ftp menu is not visible.
Can someone help me?


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Try creating a new project of "WPF App (.NET Framework)" type instead of "WPF Application" and check the properties.

But probably you are interested in using FTP in case of you current project, which uses .NET Core.

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I can't find "WPF App (.NET Framework)" in the new project options. I can only see 2 things like WPF Application C# and VB, the rest are libraries. Is there any other way?

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Thank You! I found a menu you mentioned. And It work I want.

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