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Dataverse Tables - where is Edit in Excel option?

Where is the option to edit the Dataverse table in Excel? Normally it is an option shown here after clicking on the ellipses next to a table:206205-capture.png

I've noticed this is missing as of 5/27/2022 and was present as of yesterday 5/26/2022.

capture.png (58.5 KiB)
capture.png (58.5 KiB)
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Hi @KisickiKatherineSOLONNUSACMEArling-7055,

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The “office-teams-windows-itpro” tag is for general questions about Teams client. Since from the description, your question is related to using the Power Apps which is currently not supported in Microsoft Q&A, it’s recommended to post in the dedicated Power Apps community instead for further assistance. Thanks for your understanding.

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