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Need for Azure Web App site during Console App Deployment to Azure App Service

I am trying to deploy C# console application to Azure App Service.
I am so new to Azure App Service, and during an initial meeting with a Microsoft support engineer, I was informed that I need a web site (that also needs a database).

I am trying to push my code thru Github Actions and run at Azure App Service.

I am curious why I need a website.

Bottom is a screenshot of what is happening at my Github Actions, and it appears that there was no error.

But, there is no result (data gets inserted into Azure SQL) that I was expecting after it is done.


Also, when I clicked the URL (, I see this message:

What am I missing?
Going back to the original question, "why do I need a website?" if it is deploying a console app.


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Hi, @KingJava

Azure App Service is an HTTP-based service for hosting websites, API servers, and more.
So I think the support engineer said he needed a website.

However, since the default website is deployed, you can create the App Service itself without the website.
Also, you do not need to use the database.

Get an overview and concepts of App Serivce.

A simple Quick Start is available so you can understand it once you touch it!

Please tell us the scenario how you want to use the console application.
It may be better to use other services. Of course, there is also a way to run a console application with App Service.

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Thank you for your response.
To answer your question, my C# console app pulls data from a third-party's API (thru XML) and inserts data into Azure SQL database.

I pushed the code to Github now, and I tried the "Github Actions".
And from what other people mentioned, I was leaning toward creating Azure App Service, and that is where I am.

So, should I still keep Azure App Service and continue the process?

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I understand that you want to use programming to integrate a third-party API with SQL Database.

Azure has multiple options for hosting automation.
The most primitive thing is to launch a virtual machine and periodically launch your console application, such as with a Windows service.

Alternatively, you can use PaaS, FaaS, serverless, etc.
You should consider various hosting services by referring to the next page.

You can also learn how to host automation with Microsoft Learn.

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I think our company wants to avoid using VM, but going with Azure App Service for sure at this moment.
So, I think if you can guide me the next step what needs to take place, that would be great.
I think we are not going to use Logic Apps nor Azure Function (as we have a big data to insert and it takes so much pipelines (that was/is current process which I am trying to avoid)).

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