what's the behavior of onedrive in sync between two different machines?

Ale Madama 161 Reputation points

Hi all,
for my work I have a laptop (#1) with my user accessed to onedrive and synced.
I have another laptop (#2), and I accessed that onedrive with the same user of #1 a couple of years ago.
Recently I have used #2, thinking its onedrive was connected and synced, and worked with it, changing files, creating new ones and deleting others...
Then, after a couple of weeks, I realized it was not connected. Then I worked offline all the 2 weeks.

NOW, I don't know what it will happen in case I connect #2 and start syncing...

It will take data from #1 or viceversa? or both?
could I miss some files?

I'm really afraid to lose some files and it would be a real disaster

please help me to clarify and please suggest me what to do

thank you

OneDrive Management
OneDrive Management
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  1. Andrew Geddes 491 Reputation points

    You shouldn't worry about losing anything in OneDrive. You've got restore capabilities up to 30 days where it shows the deltas and can be actioned at the user level. Regarding client behavior - you'll need to authenticate and it should stream the changes up to the cloud. I've never lost data and have done this both with ODfB and the personal client - it's always taken the most recent version and changes.


  2. Ale Madama 161 Reputation points

    Thank you both!

    then what's the actual behavior in my case?

    when I will connect and put online my #2 it will upload the cloud and from there the cloud will sync the #1?
    what about files not presents in #2 and present in #1? they will be synced in #2 or deleted in #1?

    what I need is to be sure not to miss anything

    thank you!

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  3. Ceasar Chen_MSFT 4,346 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi, @Ale Madama
    Logging into two devices with one OneDrive account at the same time will not cause file loss (provided that the files you need to sync have been saved in the cloud, not the device), and the final result is that #2 has files in #1 and #2 , #1 has files in #1 and #2. The OneDrive files are the same on both devices.

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  4. Ale Madama 161 Reputation points

    thank you Ceasar

    just a quick confirmation, when you say:

    • provided that the files you need to sync have been saved in the cloud, not the device

    this is the point
    some of the files in #2 are the latest version, and #2 is currently offline; those files have been created when #2 was offline, then the latest version of those is locally to #2

    under this condition, what will happen when I will connect and put online my #2?


  5. Ale Madama 161 Reputation points

    thank you

    this is fine for me

    but my main and great scary is: when I will login #2, what about the files not present in #2 and instead present neither in the cloud nor in #1?
    they will be deleted from the cloud?