SSRS to PBRS in ConfigMgr 2203

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Hello all,
I need to move from SSRS on server 2012 to PBRS on server 2019 or 2022... anyway, I just wanted to confirm the process..
Also, moving from an old SQL server to a new SQL server.
I'm thinking we don't care about the SQL db.. I don't think there were any report subscriptions.
Single Primary Site, MEMCM 2203
Migrating roles off of server 2012 hosts..
Already migrated the CM_db to a new sql 2019 server, now need to migrate reporting services but also making the change to PBRS.

Export encryption keys from old SSRS
Export custom reports
Uninstall ConfigMgr Reporting point role
Take a break while ConfigMgr does its thing

Install PBRS on new server.
Setup new PBRS database on new SQL server
Import encryption keys
Install ConfigMgr Reporting point role
Import custom reports after built-in reports appear


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