Applied security update on instance but it still appears in tenable

asked 2022-06-03T05:01:12.757+00:00
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I have successfully applied sql security update on a sql instance and completed successfully and when i query the version it shows the patch number , however the vulnerability is still appearing in tenable

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  1. answered 2022-06-03T05:43:07.75+00:00
    Olaf Helper 25,551 Reputation points

    however the vulnerability is still appearing in tenable

    Tenable isn't a Microsoft product, it's third-party and if that application don't work as expected, the contact the support of that software vendor.

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  2. answered 2022-06-04T13:41:42.247+00:00
    Abeer anwar abdou soliman 51 Reputation points

    The target hosts it is being reported on do not have the SQL Server Analysis Services installed

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