Customized my SharePoint form via Power App , but now I can't get my entire SP item to come up, only the app

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[total newbie here]
Short Story: I was feeling very proud that I have (finally) customized a SharePoint form using Power Apps - and it works! 🙂 But now when I'm in SP, and I go to open that one item, it pulls up my app only, not the whole item. So now I don't know how to send a link to the item in SP via Power Automate for a user to adjust a field not originally contained in the request form.

Longer Story: Users need to fill out a form requesting approval to purchase a widget. So I created a SP list that has those fields, plus the "rest of the process" fields in it, then customized the SP form to look nicer but only contain the fields the user fills out. They submit their request, and it triggers a flow to run and request an preliminary approval from set of Managers (using Microsoft approval center). If denied, the user is emailed and that record is deleted back out of the list. If approved, a "Approved" column in SharePoint is switched to Approved, and an Admin is emailed a link to that item. (here is where it falls apart) The Admin is supposed to go into that item, and in another column choose who should be the final approver for this widget (this is a total manual step for them). Then another flow would spring into action after that email is entered and would ask for an approval from the final approver.

When the flow emails the link to the item, it opens up my original User request, which doesn't have the rest of the List content, so the Admin can't choose the final approver. It seemed like I was on the right track...up till I wasn't. And I can't use a canvas app, just the SP form customized here at my job. (the canvas app won't work for some people here) :disappointed_face:

As a sidenote: I'm not a programmer, and I'm struggling greatly trying to learn this, so if anyone has any good (free) training suggestions for how to understand the basics of this stuff, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Thank you!

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