Why does SQL Server Management Studio login/logout approximately every 7 minutes to Azure SQL Database?

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We started noticing consistent high App CPU Billing on one of our development Azure SQL Databases and used Azure Data Studio - Profiler to identify two SSMS instances that would connect to the database approximately every 7 min. See attached screen shot. The two SSMS instances (two different users on two different machines) in question were left up running overnight, but no querying was taking place, only the "SQL Server Management Studio" application was identified with login and logout events. I killed the processes on the database, but SSMS would reconnect within the 7 minute window.

We have 3 other people using SSMS (same version 18.11.1) who do not show the same activity their SSMS instances only a single login/logout for the extended periods with the SSMS client open.

I was to narrow it down to to something to do with with the machine's setup/configuration, but not any further.

As a workaround we have people explicitly disconnect their Azure SQL Databases at the end of the day, but this is not a sustainable solution.

Screen shot of profiler:

Has anyone experienced this before? Or have any ideas what might be causing the repeated connection from the SSMS client?

Thank you.

Andrew Zoltay

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    Erland Sommarskog 67,481 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    It seems that most of these connections do not have "Query" in the applicaiton name. Thus, it is not a Query Window, but something else. Could be Object Explorer, but it could also be some other window that is left open.

    I think to track this down, you also need to capture the statements to see which window it may be.