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When using the --put-md5 switch in azcopy, is the md5 checksum value calculated at the source (e.g. my computer) or the destination (Azure)? I want to be able to use the checksum to verify the file on Azure, but if the checksum is calculated on the source file (as opposed to on Azure, after the file is finished uploading), the checksum that appears in the Content-MD5 field will not be useful.

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    The azcopy command create the md5 for the file content and store it in the Content-MD5 property.

    Description about --put-md5 option : Create an MD5 hash of each file, and save the hash as the Content-MD5 property of the destination blob or file. (By default the hash is NOT created.) Only available when uploading.


    Since the md5 is calculated with the file content, it really not matters where it is calculated as you will get the same output always. Based on my understanding put-md5 option will calculate the md5 in the client machine, thats why when you upload files from Amazon S3 to Azure, the --put-md5 option is not available as in that case file is not getting downloaded to your computer.


    If you are facing problems to verify the checksum, you could refer the following post.

    Hope this helps

  2. answered 2022-06-07T06:20:20.203+00:00
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    @mainuser Adding more information to the above response!

    put-MD5 check calculates MD5 on the source not destination. It puts the value in HTTP MD5 header. When you download, AzCopy can recalculate the MD5 and verify that it is equal to the one you uploaded.

    Data integrity and validation:

    az copy --put-md5. MD5 hash is calculated and stored automatically

    There are no ways/mechanism to test this in case of S2S transfer.

    Please let us know if you have any further queries. I’m happy to assist you further.


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