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so i used visual studio a while back to create simple windows form apps

but now that i created one and i try to publish it / build it into a single EXE
i dont get the option, i can only pick to publish it online or something or that users have to use a disc or download?
i just want an exe that runs the program, like i am used to but im completely lost right now.

im not a developer company im a hobby dude trying to make something xD

Windows Forms
Windows Forms
A set of .NET Framework managed libraries for developing graphical user interfaces.
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    In a .NET Framework project, if you do [Build] in Release Configuration,
    it will produce a single .exe, if you don't use any external package or DLL
    The .exe will just need the matching version of the .NET Framework Runtime on the target computer (4.8 for the last one)

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