ASR Deployment Planner - Tool is marking VM as incompatible since a disk is over 4TB, but the limit is 32TB?

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I am running into an issue using ASR Deployment Planner v2.52 where it is flagging a VM as incompatible for "Disk size > 4095 GB". I know this is a limit when replicating to a storage account, but to my understanding the new limit when replicating to managed disks is 32TB based on the support matrix ( I have also used ASR to replicate 10TB+ disks in the past, so I am not sure what is wrong.

So far I have tried reinstalling the tool and running longer reports (2 hours) to see if it provided different results. I have also added the "UseManagedDisks Yes" attribute to my report generation commands in PowerCLI, but that also did not work.

ASR Components:
Scenario: VMware to Azure (Single ESXi host, not vCenter)
ESXi Host: ESXi v6.7, no vCenter, ESXi credentials provided
Deployment Planner version: 2.52
VM Disk Size: 6TB, not a boot disk
VM OS: Windows Server 2016

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    I think I figured it out. Since the tool was last updated in 2020, "StorageTypeVMware.config" does not contain storage types which have disk sizes above 4095 GB, which was the old cap.

    I realize now we used the Azure Migrate tool to profile the client that had larger than 10 TB disks, but of course that is for a total lift-and-shift, not ASR (someone please correct me if I am wrong here).

    EDIT: Confirmed: RateCard.xml and StorageTypeVMware.config only go up to S50, while S60 would be the 8TB option.

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