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Hi All,
I have a strange thing happening with my CUBE. The FACT table In the data source view is from the SQL Server , It has TRANSACTION KEY and TRANSACTION AMOUNT. I created a new named SQL Query in the data source view


I created a new dimension TRANSACTION KEY based on this table. I created a relationship between this table and the FACT based on the TRANSACTIONKEY. I also created a cube dimension based off this TRANSACTIONKEY Dimension and DIMENSION USAGE based on the TRANSACTIONKEY. I processed both the dimension and cube.
When i drag the transcationkey and Amount I do not see any rows but i see the value in the data source


I checked all the relationships and I do not see any issue. Please advice.

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SQL Server Analysis Services
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  1. answered 2022-06-09T06:03:59.927+00:00
    Alexei Stoyanovsky 3,321 Reputation points

    With setup this simple, the culprit is probably also simple, typo-class. Start by checking that the Amount measure returns data when not sliced by the dimension and that the dimension contains members including the one you've chosen for your example.

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